Coffin in a Box DIY flat-pack coffins
Coffin in a Box

A new generation of green funeral products to help families make a send-off more eco-friendly, personal and affordable.

Flat-packed coffins delivered in a box as fast and efficient as a regular parcel saving up to 80% CO2 emmisions!

CHISTANN DIY coffin flat pack
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Innovating sustainable funeral products

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only sustainable funeral products!

Coffins & caskets with a low carbon footprint and fully biodegradable

With product innovation, sustainable local production and a new and efficient distribution model. Delivered on demand, straight from the factory to the location of use.

Significantly reducing the logistic impact of the current outdated coffin supply chain. All products flat-packed in a compact box and shipped using existing optimised parcel networks. Delivered fast and saving on transport costs and carbon emissions.

The products are produced in the region and obviously made of sustainable, certified and environmental friendly materials suitable for natural burial and cremation.

Our eco+ program constantly raises the bar on sustainability. For instance further reducing spillage of precious wood. In the second half of 2022 we will even introduce a resomation-friendly coffin, suitable for use prior to resomation or watercremation (a new eco-friendly method to hopefully replace the polluting cremation method, will be legally allowed in the Netherlands and some other countries in Europe soon).

With the CHISTANN DIY coffin we are the proud winner of the ‘Final Footprint Challenge 2018’. A great initiative of Dutch market leaders Dela and Yarden to strive for a truly sustainable funeral business.

coffin in a flat pack box
grafkist als pakket
betaalbare eco grafkist
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Already active as a small scale coffin producer since 2013. Eco-friendly products supplied directly to families and funeral directors in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2017 we designed our first flat-packed coffin and started sustainable production with exclusive partners.

The CHISTANN DIY-Coffin has become a familiar product for crematoria and cemetaries in the Netherlands. Due to its compact packaging and low transportation weight the CHISTANN is also reguarly shipped to families in other countries. We have shipped many to the UK, Ireland, Germany and even to Australia and the United States. The demand from these territories is encouriging us to partner with local production & distribution partners to offer our products under licence in these markets.

In the Netherlands we sell our products via our online store Uitvaartkist Online.