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Groen uitvaart

We started in 2013 as a small online retailer uitvaartkist-online selling wooden coffins to families in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Thousands of deliveries and satisfied customers have taught us wat families prefer and how the demand for coffins over the years has changed.

In 2018 we started with the development of our own products which resulted in the first version of our flat-packed DIY coffin. More or less the same philosophy as IKEA, hence the Swedish inspired product name CHISTANN (Swedish pronunciation of the word Kistan (coffin)). A compact flat-packed ready-to-assemble coffin. Due to the choice of materials and the compact box this product saves up to 80% carbon emissions compared to a traditional coffin. Efficient in transport and economical in materials and production.

We are environmental conscious and aim to contribute to a low carbon footprint for funerals. We use poplar wood harvested from plantations in Europe which is efficiently turned into plywood and transported as production ready sheets. All in all a much more sustainable method than solid wood.

the trend > more involvement of the family, affordable eco-friendliness and more individualisation for a send-off.

Our mission > products for carbon neutral funerals

Less carbon emissions from ‘tree to final send-off’.
This is what we are aiming for, within the limitations of rules and traditions of funerals.

Preferably an alternative coffin without the use of wood as a combustible or biodegradable coffin material.
Making the transition possible from a ‘dispensable coffin’ to a ‘sustainable coffin alternative’.
Anticipating new remains disposal methods besides burial or cremation such as resomation or water-cremation which is expected to be soon legally allowed in several countries like the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa and dozen states in the US. See info on Wikipedia.

With this method the coffin or casket will not be disposed off in the process of alkaline hydrolysis. A significant reduction of carbon emissions!

Our funeral products are already designed with this new use in mind.
The coffins or trundle can be disassembled after use and re-used.
In 2023 we will even introduce a bespoke model for use before resomation, without the use of wood which is now unfortunately required and mandatory. Finally we can introduce a circular panel material to replace wood!

carbon neutral funerals
resomation ready funeral products

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